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Discover Nia - ONE practice that offers:
the joy of dance, the flexibility of yoga,
the mindfulness of meditation, the power of martial arts
the core strength of pilates, and more

What is Nia?

SoAnn optNia is a fun expressive movement practice that leaves you feeling energised and alive. Through classes, workshops, retreats and trainings it’s the ‘dance like no ones watching’ workout that brings cardiovascular conditioning and optimises whole body fitness in ways that feel good.

Blending the latest mind body science with ancient wisdom, Nia guides and inspires us to live and move sustainably in a body.

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Get into it! Dive in to a Nia Belt Training... 

WBGradsRegistrations are now open for White Belt Training in Bali!
See more info here.

Find out why the Nia White Belt training is described as 'the finest somatic training on the planet...

There is also an abundance of amazing workshops, playshops, routine immersions and community dance jams happening all around Australia, so search our Events Calendar to find one near you.



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Register now for Australia's next White Belt training!
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Ever wanted to travel to Bali?
Well here's an opportunity to do so, AND come Home to your body - enroll in the Nia White Belt Training, July 6-12 in Ubud, Bali! Full details here...